Why accounting outsourcing is appropriate for small, medium and large enterprises?

Accounting outsourcing for large enterprises
The Bulgarian legislation considers for large enterprises, enterprises that as of December 31 of the current calendar year exceed at least two of the following indicators: book value of assets – BGN 38,000,000; net sales revenues – BGN 76,000,000; average number of staff for the reporting period – 250 people. They often have own accounting department. In turn, it may consist of different units in depending on the size, divisions and activities of the company: commodity unit, financial and accounting, payments to staff, stocks, capital assets, tax and excise unit, etc. Continue reading “Why accounting outsourcing is appropriate for small, medium and large enterprises?”

Some advantages of outsourced accounting

When an individual starts a business and wants to be in the light of his activity, he must do everything possible to have accountants who handle correctly and professionally the financial and accounting issues of his/her company.

Each company has two options for keeping its accounts in order: a special department to deal with declarations, insurance, taxes and others, or hiring a company for outsourced accounting. The second option is often far more appropriate. Continue reading “Some advantages of outsourced accounting”