We offer the following services:

  1. 1. Accounting Services
    • - Subscription accounting services
    • - Preparation and submission of annual financial statements (AFS)
    • - Monthly keeping of accounting records
    • - Daily accounting control
    • - Monitoring of company purchases and sales
    • - Monitoring of cash flows
    • - Preparation and submission of VAT returns
    • - Elaboration of specific accounting policy, methods of assessment, individual chart of accounts
  2. 2. Tax, Insurance and Employment Law services
    • - Registration of fiscal devices with the tax administration authorities
    • - VAT registration (Value Added Tax Act)
    • - Preparation of necessary documents (VAT returns, Intrastat declarations, other declarations, reports, etc.) for the National Revenue Agency (NRA)
    • - Informing the client on expiring deadlines concerning NRA
    • - Tax and insurance planning and forecasting
    • - Consultations on tax and social security legislation
    • - Representation during inspections and audits
    • - Calculation and determination of taxes and social security contributions
    • - Preparation of bank documents for payments to the NRA
    • - Drafting employment contracts with the mandatory requisites under the Labour Code
    • - Entering information in employment and insurance books
    • - Preparation of payrolls, bills for paid sums and summaries
    • - Preparation and submission to the NRA of documents, reports and memoranda in connection with employment contract termination
    • - Administration of employees
    • - Drafting of employment and royalty contracts
    • - Preparation of a complete set of documents for starting and leaving work
    • - Representation through electronic signature
    • - Consultations
  3. 3. Tax Services
    • - Tax consultations
    • - Consultation on VAT - effects, corporate and personal income tax, one-off taxes and all other direct and indirect taxes
    • - Offering tax efficient ways to manage your business
    • - Protection of clients’ interests before tax authorities

    Competent assistance and representation before the tax authorities in tax audits and cross-checks. Legal protection before the tax authorities and in the court in the event of negative decisions of the tax authorities after a tax audit. Our good contacts with the tax authorities and our experience in the representation of our clients before the tax authorities significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome.

  4. 4. Financial Services
    • - Developing business plans and documents for applying for bank loans
    • - Valuation of property, plants and equipment, and entire enterprises
  5. 5. Independent Audit

    • - We work with monthly subscription fees that are flexible and market-oriented
    • - Prices are negotiated and determined depending on the number of documents for processing, the number of insured persons, a registration under the VAT Act or lack of such registration
    • - Discounts for providing services to more than one company
    • - For other one-off accounting services prices can be negotiated