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Bulgarian Tax Resident

Tax residence in Bulgaria? - Get Bulgarian residence, Bulgarian ID card for EU citizens and become a Bulgarian tax resident

Have you thought of becoming a Bulgaria Tax Resident? Under the Bulgarian law, you can assert Bulgarian tax residency if:

  • 1. You stay in Bulgaria for over 183 days annually i.e. stay for longer than 6 months or;
  • 2. You can prove that the core of your financial activities is in Bulgaria.

Under the first criteria, you will get a Bulgaria tax residence only if you have stayed in Bulgaria for over 6 months. If you choose the second approach, you need not fulfil any stay requirements if you can convincingly prove that the heart of all your financial interests is based in Bulgaria. To find out the core of your financial interests, the tax department will factor in the region of your employment/ self-employment, business, the country you pay your Social security payments in, residence privileges, real estate holdings, etc.

To simplify the application process for your tax residency application under the second choice (financial activities), we can help you get a permit for long-term residence and Bulgarian ID card for EU citizens. We will help you all the way through starting from preparing the application until you get your Bulgarian ID. Our work consists of starting a private bank account and the creation of a one-year rent contract that would also be helpful for your tax residency application. You need to place a deposit in your bank account as proof of adequate resources to sustain yourself without depending on the Bulgarian social security. Once the bank issues bank reference, you can withdraw the amount if you wish. Our charge for this service is € 500 and we guarantee that you will get your Bulgarian residence and Bulgarian ID card within two business days. This way we can help you become a Bulgarian resident.

The National Revenue Agency will provide certification that an individual is a tax resident of Bulgaria within the context of the Double Tax Law and the person is liable to pay taxes on all his income (including income from other countries) in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Tax Residency
Bulgaria has the lowest tax slabs in the whole of EU and by becoming a tax resident you can enjoy these low taxation rates. Under the taxation laws, as a tax resident, you will have to pay a tax on your worldwide income. Corporate tax rates of Bulgaria are at 10%, lower than any other country including Belgium, France and Austria. The personal income tax rate is set at a flat 10% as well.

Non-EU foreigners thinking of moving to Bulgaria can do so by registering a trade representative office in Bulgaria and getting a Type D visa and a Bulgarian residence permit.