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Bulgarian Citizenship

How to get a Bulgarian Residence Permit?

We can help in achieving this aim by accepting foreign residents of Bulgarian descent and attracting accomplished and rich foreign citizens to take up Bulgarian citizenship and move to Bulgaria.

To get the best results and to offer a quick and trouble-free system for our customers, we work in tandem with the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. Getting a Bulgarian citizenship requires meticulous preparation and good communication & cooperation between the foreign national, his/ her attorney and the government officials.

Our attorneys have considerable experience and good training in obtaining Bulgarian citizenship and passport. We can guide you on the Qualification requirements for Bulgarian citizenship, help in the sourcing, explanations and preparation of the necessary documents, communicate with the right government organisations, help at each level, including by completing many of the steps on your behalf, bring together the applications and submit and represent, etc.

Benefits of Getting Bulgarian Citizenship

Bulgarian citizenship provides several advantages:

  • Unrestricted freedom to live, work and study in Europe.
  • Access almost 100 non-EU countries on visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival basis.
  • The right to own land in Bulgaria and other EU countries which may otherwise limit entry to overseas residents.
  • Various rights to enter the education organisations of Bulgaria and the member states of the EU (Ex: to remit fees at “home/EU” costs at schools of advanced education, to take student loans and economic support.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Origin
The process of getting Bulgarian Citizenship by descent/origin comprises of two stages. First, the applicant should request a certificate of Bulgarian origin from the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad. If the request is successful, the State Agency will issue a certificate of Bulgarian origin. This is needed for stage 2 – citizenship application in the Ministry of Justice. Upon failure of the Minister of Justice to rule on the case in time and termination of the proceedings before him, our Bulgarian citizenship lawyers will help you to appeal it in the Sofia Administrative Court.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Naturalisation
If you have lived in Bulgaria legally for the duration specified by the law and comply with the conditions in Chapter II of The Bulgarian Citizenship Act, you are eligible to secure Bulgarian Citizenship by Naturalization. When compared with getting citizenship by Origin and the Naturalisation route, the latter has a more stringent process.

Any individual who wishes to take the citizenship by naturalization has to prove his/ her fluency in Bulgarian language and get a language proficiency certificate from the Ministry of Education. In addition, he/she has to demonstrate that he/ she has an income and a job allowing him/ her to take care of himself/ herself in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Marriage
Any individual can apply for Bulgarian Citizenship by Marriage under the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, subject to the following conditions:

  • 1. He/she is legally married to a Bulgarian national for at least three years (and still is);
  • 2. He/she holds a valid permit for permanent residence for not less than three years as of the date of filing the request.