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Bulgarian ID card

How to get your Bulgarian ID card?
EU citizens can apply for a permit for long-term residence and Bulgarian ID card. To stay in the Republic of Bulgaria on a short term or permanent basis, you have to register with the local Migration Office. The registration is required if you want to apply for family reunification in Bulgaria.

EU citizens wishing to apply for a Bulgarian ID card need to provide the following:

  • Address Proof – Your property deed or lease agreement;
  • Financial Means – A bank statement to show that you have enough funds to support your stay in Bulgaria without relying on the Bulgarian Social security;
  • Health Insurance – You can show your EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) or purchase a health insurance from a local or international Insurance company;

Steps to secure a Bulgarian residence and Bulgarian ID card
The first step to secure a Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals is to get a certificate for long-term residence. The certificates are issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs – local Migration Office. Applications are processed within one day of submission and you can apply for the Bulgarian ID card on the same day. You will get your ID card in three working days. In case you cannot collect the card in person, we can collect it on your behalf if you authorise us.

Our legal team will make sure you get your certificate for long-term residence and Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals without trouble. To find out the specifics of getting Bulgarian personal ID documents, please contact us.