Changes in the deadlines for filing annual tax returns (ATR) and for publishing annual financial statements (AFS)

From the beginning of 2021 in Bulgaria the deadline for filing annual tax returns (ATR) for corporate tax (until March 31) has been changed, and the new deadline is now from March 1 to June 30. The same applies to the deadline for payment of corporate tax, which has been changed by 3 months and is now until June 30.

The deadline for paying tax on expenses has also been changed by three months and is now until June 30.

The change in the deadlines optimizes the preparation of the annual tax returns of the companies and improves the process of annual accounting closing. Systematic and predictable consistency in the fulfillment of the obligations for declaring and submitting information to the National Revenue Agency is also achieved. Continue reading “Changes in the deadlines for filing annual tax returns (ATR) and for publishing annual financial statements (AFS)”

Who are self-employed individuals?

Self-employed individuals in Bulgaria are those who perform employment activities such as:
– persons registered as practicing a free profession and / or craft activity;
– persons practicing labor activity as sole traders, owners or partners in commercial companies;
– natural persons – members of impersonal companies;
– natural persons – traders within the meaning of the Commercial Law, but not registered as sole traders;
– registered farmers and tobacco growers. Continue reading “Who are self-employed individuals?”

Announcement of an annual financial report

What is an annual financial report?

The annual financial report gathers full information about the financial position of the company. It includes a statement for revenues and expenses, a balance sheet, a statement for share capital and a cash flow statement.

The financial report is drawn up for one financial year, coinciding with the calendar year – from January 1st to December 31st. E.g: If you have a company created on 01.12.2020, you need to submit a report on the activity carried out in 2020 – in this case only one month.

Who is obliged to announce an annual financial report?

All the traders according to the Bulgarian Commerce Act – this includes Limited Liability Companies (Ltd.), Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships, Joint-Stock Companies, Limited Partnerships with shares. The non-profit legal entities and the rest enterprises are also obliged. Continue reading “Announcement of an annual financial report”

Types of business in Bulgaria

The types of business organizations, most often used in Bulgaria are a Limited Liability Company (LTD/LLC), a Joint-Stock Company (JSC), a branch and a trade representation.

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC/LTD)

It is the business type most popular among investors and entrepreneurs because of the minimum capital requirements, simplified structure and management. LLC can be established by one or more persons – individuals and/or legal entities. Shareholders in LLC may be Bulgarian and/or foreign individuals and/or legal entities. Continue reading “Types of business in Bulgaria”