Taxation of self-insured persons

For the income acquired from his activity in Bulgaria, the self-insured person is obliged to issue a reporting document.

A self-employed person, who has acquired income from his activity and has declared to the payer of the income the circumstance that he is self-insured, owes in advance a tax on the difference between the taxable income and the legally recognized expenses for his activity, as well as the social security contributions, which he is obliged to make at his own expense for the months of the quarter during which the taxable income has been acquired.

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Insurance of self-insured persons

The obligation for insurance of self-insured persons in Bulgaria arises from the day of commencement or resumption of employment activity and continue until its interruption or termination. Upon commencement, interruption, resumption or termination of any employment activity, the self-insured person submits a declaration according to a sample.

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