Varieties of the distance selling of goods from 01.07.2021

From 01.07.2021 the following types of distance selling of goods are introduced in the Bulgarian VAT legislation: intra-Community distance selling of goods; distance selling of goods imported from third countries or territories; domestic distance selling of goods; delivery of goods, which is facilitated by an electronic interface.

Intra-Community distance selling of goods is the dispatch or transport of goods by the supplier or on his behalf from the territory of a Member State other than that in which the dispatch or transport of the goods to a non-taxable person, including a taxable person and a non-taxable legal person carrying out an exempt intra-Community acquisition ends. The goods must have been produced in the EU or have already been released for free circulation. The rules on intra-Community distance selling of goods do not apply to the following categories of goods: new vehicles; goods that are mounted and / or installed by or at the expense of the supplier; goods subject to a special price margin procedure for second-hand goods, works of art, collectors’ items and antiques.

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Taxation through the Amazon platform

We will look at the specifics of taxation when declaring services provided through a platform such as Amazon under the VAT Act. Imagine that we have a Bulgarian company that operates online trading through a platform such as Amazon and other similar online trading platforms.

The current trend for such cooperation is to take place through the so-called “dropshipping” model. The dropshipping business is a way to trade in goods that have not been purchased in advance by the manufacturer. The dropshipping trader advertises the product and when it is sold online, the trader buys it from the manufacturer and sends it to the customer. Continue reading “Taxation through the Amazon platform”