Online commerce in Bulgaria

online commerce Bulgaria

Cash on delivery made a real revolution in online commerce in Bulgaria. Customers may shop without worrying that someone may steal their debit and credit card information.

Shopping online is easy, fast and convenient. At a click away, we may obtain clothes, accessories, technique, electric appliances.

But cash on delivery shopping has risks for both the merchant and the consumer. The merchant may pay the delivery in both directions to the customer and to himself if the customer hasn’t picked up the shipment. If it comes to a printed T-shirt at the request of the customer or a glass with a stamp, the merchants’ losses are even bigger because they waste a product. The customer on his part, may order more shipments by cash on delivery than he can pay for.

But there is a way out both for the losses of the merchant and those of the customer. In order to reduce his delivery losses, the merchant may conclude a delivery contract with a courier company he has chosen to work with. He may also conclude an insurance contract for the losses in his commercial activities. He may also demand from the courier the payment for the return of the product to be at the expense of the customer if the customer does not intend to pay the cash on delivery. Another option is to make an online sale of untaken products if he is a merchant with many returned shipments. The customer may refuse the goods at the courier’s office or return the goods within 14 days of receipt if the product hasn’t been used.

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